Side Hustles Build Empires® was Established to empower Individuals to seek Independence from the traditional rat race of 9 to 5 through utilizing Side Hustles.

  • reyes the entrepreneur wearing side hustle merch

    Deconstructed Mexico Flag

    Entrepreneur shown: IG@reyestheentrepreneur

    This deconstructed Mexican flag design was made to honor the sacrifices made by millions of mexican/mexican americans. In order to seek a better life for themselves and their future generations, they've given up a life of comfort and familiarity. Thats why this design made sense. It fit in with the message of our brand, leaving your comfort zone, to achieve something better.


    Entrepreneur shown:

    Owner of Entrepreneur on the grind®


    This original design is a symbolic illustration of the death hold that the traditional 9 to 5 has on the majority of the world's population.

    Spider : Represents the large business

    Hour Glass: Represents the time we trade for a paycheck to paycheck existence. 

    Chain web with shackle: Represents the hold large business has on us.

    Side Hustles Build Empires: Represents the way we can break the chains of the tradational 9 to 5.

  • elusive collections wearing side hustle merch while posting merch by amazon side hustle

    Diamond Classic

    Entrepreneur shown:

    Owner of Elusive Collectibles


    This is the design that builds the foundation for our movement.

    The diamond has long been used to symbolize purity and incorruptibility while also symbolizing power.

    Minimal yet powerful.

  • grab the bag wearing side hustle hoodie


    Entrepreneur shown:

    owner of karma company


    Circles have long been used in logos to represent Community, Friendship, and Unity.

    Our Modern logo is kept minimalist to focus on the message of our brand, and the community it represents.

    Entrpreneurs embracing the decision to choose their own future. sometimes with little to no resources, only a strong will, work ethic, and desire to take control of the only life they are given.

  • Forged By Fire

    "Strength through adversity"

    To have experienced real hardships and not to have been beaten by them. To become stronger, wiser and more determined to succeed because of, rather than despite, the experiences.

    This new design is a symbolic representation of the struggles and adversity an entrepreneur goes through while owning their own business. This is the perfect design for those that hustle hard.


    This design is for the Hustlers that came from nothing, and were expected to amount to nothing, yet persevered and defied the odds. This Design was created by a talented, local San Diego artist @belu_one.


    Born to hustle Hard? this design is for you; the motivated hustler. Always up against the odds, and the clock! you thrive on the challenge and refuse to accept your current circumstances