How it started

2017: Amazon customer return pallets from a local bulk reseller

I started selling amazon customer returns after my best friend gave me the idea. We purchased one pallet at a time(each). The prices ranged from 360 to 900. My budget was 500. When I would sell enough to get another pallet, I did. I would sell locally on Offer up. I racked up over 200 sales before moving on.


Late 2018: Customer return pallets from
In late 2018 I decided to start buying my customer return pallets online. I did this because I was no longer satisfied with buying pallets without knowing what was on them. When I switched to online pallet purchases, it gave me more control over the merchandise I was buying.
Jan 2019: Started a T-Shirt business
On Jan 2019 I got the idea of opening a -Shirt business. I saw a random YouTube video by Reyes The Entrepreneur about making money in the T-Shirt business. This idea inspired me to message my brother(a talented artist). I asked him if he would be interested in starting a T-Shirt business, because I thought his art would translate into great designs. he was instantly on board. 
Late 2019: Retail Arbitrage
In late 2019 I decided I was done selling Amazon customer returns. I was not making much profit on customer returns, and the time needed to test, clean, repackage the items made the return on investment not worth the time. I moved onto retail arbitrage from customer returns. Just like buying Amazon returns from online, retail arbitrage gave me full control over what I purchased to resale. I could calculate the profit margins and decide if the item was worth purchasing. As of mid 2021, I still sale items I purchase through retail arbitrage on Ebay. Sales dropped dramatically after the pandemic hit. 
Late 2020: Side Hustles Brand Is Born
On September 2020, I officially launched Side Hustles Brand. I had the idea of Side Hustles Build Empires since 2019. I was living the message, thus inspiring me in times when I wanted to quit. I created the Side Hustles Build Empires Brand as a motivational tool to inspire other entrepreneurs. I believe that as entrepreneurs we have to overcome so much, with so little help. The road as an entrepreneur is a lonely one. it's hard for people who do not live the lifestyle we do, to understand the ups and downs. Sometimes a little jolt of motivation can go a long way.